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Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, to claim disability is to ask for reasonable accommodation — accessible buildings, more time on tests, audible formats for books, Social Security disability payments, and more. Too many people seem to regard the request to accommodate as a burden and meet such requests with suspicion. The not-disabled exercise their privilege by demanding that people prove their disabilities; then, all too often, proof just generates pity, not understanding or inclusion.

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Did Thomas Jefferson have such a hard time getting “All Men (and ideally i’d hope women) are created equal” through peoples thick skulls?

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Poor bastard was ahead of his time and ours.


A First Look at Keke Palmer in Broadway’s Cinderella. 

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I want more fat characters who aren’t comic relief

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Scrambled up Mt Herman last night to catch the full moon rising over Mt Shuksan.  Heckuva way to spend an evening.

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